Benefits of VPS hosting for SEO website

The entire point of SEO is helping a website rank at the top of search engine algorithms. This is based on the use of relevant keywords. SEO is incredibly dynamic in nature, so website administrators are always striving to keep up. After website performance and speed became part of search engines’ algorithm for SERPs (search engine results pages) ranking, the focus shifted to optimizing a website’s loading time. Ideally, your website should be able to load in less than 3 seconds. That said, a key part of the way a website’s fate is determined actually lies in its hosting plan. If you’re just starting out, and/or have a brand-new website, you probably want to get VPS hosting for website SEO.

Benefits of VPS Hosting For Your Website SEO

Improved uptime score

Uptime score is usually measured in terms of percentage and the most common uptime score guaranteed by the hosting provider is 99.9%. This means that a website is down for an average of 1.44 minutes per day or 8.8 hours per year. From an SEO perspective, a website experiencing frequent downtime will experience a fall in its SERP rankings. VPS Hosting has stood the test of time in providing higher uptime compared to other hosting types. Also, the architecture of VPS Hosting allows it to work without any interference from other websites, making it one of the most reliable hosting solutions.

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Optimized Site Speed

If there is one thing we definitely know about Google rankings is that site speed plays a major role when it comes to better placement in search results. If two websites offer similar content and site structure, the faster one will always rank better. As VPS hosting offers a dedicated amount of resources and the ability to scale, you can ensure an optimized environment for your site to run at lightning-fast speeds.

Robust security features

In Shared Hosting, all the websites hosted on that server share the same IP address. A cyber breach on a single website can compromise the security of every website hosted on that server. In contrast, VPS Hosting splits the server into multiple environments, each with its own unique IP address. With complete root access to your VPS server, you can install and configure various security features to make your server ironclad against any cyber threats. A cybersecurity breach does not only damage the reputation of your business but also acts as a negative SEO factor for your website.

Obtaining root access

One of the most significant benefits of VPS Hosting is root access. Root access gives you total control over your server, as well as the highest level of clearance and authority. This means you can customize your website by installing custom software, changing settings, and otherwise tailoring it to your specific requirements.

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Thus, it is quite clear that VPS Hosting is well-suited for websites looking to improve on the SEO scale. VPS Hosting is one of the cost-effective hosting solutions which mimics a Dedicated Server without putting a hole in your pocket. You can also opt for SSD-based VPS Hosting that ensures better speed and efficiency for your website. Carefully assess the needs of your website and opt for the right VPS Hosting plan that meets all your specific requirements and helps your website climb the SERP rankings.


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