DDOS Protected VPS: What You Need to Know

Many business owners mistake ignoring their web hosting and all the possible scenarios that will negatively affect their online presence. As a result, they don’t prepare any contingency plans, ultimately leading to their downfall. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are becoming savvier and more enterprising than ever, as they’ve found more ways to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. If you want to protect yourself from such harmful situations, investing in DDoS-protected VPS is crucial.

Your business likely stores sensitive information for payments or offers a valuable service to your clients, so any semblance of downtime or breaches can disrupt your business. Customers will believe that your infrastructure is weak and insecure, which will cause them to lose trust in you. Here’s what you need to know about DDoS attacks:

The Nature of DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks consist of computer networks, usually bots, that try to access your server from multiple locations simultaneously. They often make tens of thousands of requests at the same time, immediately overwhelming your bandwidth and shutting down your website. It might even cause your cPanel to be unusable.

These types of attacks have only grown more sophisticated and aggressive over time, with modern variants today taking up terabytes of your server. They’re also responsible for causing almost a third of downtime on the entire Internet.

Since they cause extensive downtime, your customers may be turned off from your business, as it represents a security breach. It will also diminish your brand’s trust, making DDoS attacks a popular sabotage tactic from competitors.

ddos protected vps

The Factors that Make Your Business Susceptible to DDoS Attacks

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for chinks in your website’s armor, such as server architecture, authentication methods, and even HTTPS requests. Safeguarding your website includes updating your frontend and backend codebase updated, along with security patches and the latest frameworks.

Frequently backing up your data will ensure that you have access to your data if the cybercriminals hold it hostage and ask for a ransom. There’s little to no guarantee they’ll return your data to you, anyway, so it’s essential to have a comprehensive backup. The ultimate way to prevent DDoS attacks on your website and server is to opt for secure VPS hosting, which will provide you with the protection you need.

What Is A DDoS Protected VPS?

A DDoS-protected VPS is a virtual private server that includes DDoS mitigation, meaning it’s located inside a network or data center resistant to DDoS attacks.

This requires massive bandwidth capacity and special hardware firewalls that are designed to stop malicious packets before they can do any harm. Most virtual servers are unprotected and therefore vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

If you host your application on a secure 1Gbps VPS such as our unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting, it means that it’s not vulnerable to cyber-attacks and can’t be taken down by malicious attackers, which could be competitors or simply cyberpunks. DDoS is even used to blackmail online shops sometimes.

Why Choose VPS for DDoS Attack Protection

As mentioned above, protecting your business against DDoS attacks could require gigabytes, if not terabytes, of scalable, on-demand bandwidth from your hosting provider. For those considering shared hosting vs VPS hosting or dedicated servers, this can be challenging when considering scalability.

Resources for DDoS attacks are something to keep in mind when you’re thinking of hosting solely based on cost — most of the time, cheaper shared hosting companies are not ready to provide you with adequate resources to overcome DDoS attacks. What’s more, they are even more likely to shut down your website as the attack overloads the server that other tenants share with you.

ddos protected vps

By default, a VPS offers better DDoS protection than any shared hosting option, but you should consult your hosting company for specifics. At Green Cloud, for example, we make sure to protect your account against all known types of volumetric DDoS attacks. When you sign up for a Green Cloud VPS plan, our set of proprietary tools starts to monitor all incoming network traffic (not just web traffic) for any discrepancies. During a DDoS attack, our DDoS mitigation system automatically separates and blocks malicious agents while letting your legitimate customers through.

Best of all, Green Cloud VPS plans include standard protection for free in some locations. Still, if your business is a frequent victim of DDoS attacks, you can also easily upgrade to advanced and premium protection at any time.


Secure VPS hosting is an efficient way to protect your business from DDoS attacks, which can quickly debilitate businesses. Otherwise, it can undo the years of hard work you put into growing your company. As a DDoS-protected VPS is fully equipped to handle DDoS attacks, it’s a crucial tool your enterprise will need to stay safe and secure, helping you maintain your customers’ trust.


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