NEW Windows and KVM VPS in OSAKA (JP) with up to 40% OFF

GreenCloudVPS is extremely delighted to share with you that the highly anticipated location Osaka, Japan will be from today offered for our both Windows and KVM VPS!

Despite the hard pandemic times, the most frequent question we have got emailed about was the opening of Osaka location which has been long delayed due to the coronavirus.

However, we have made it to deliver today! Osaka, Japan location will from now on present an exceptional location with advanced configuration and outstanding smooth connection for both Windows and KVM VPS on our platform especially for clients in East Asia such as Japan, China, South Korea and eastern parts of Russia. You are most welcome to enjoy our diverse location variety in Asia. Now let’s celebrate this occasion with these promotions that you will regret to miss:

1. Enter this code: LSYUQP6T64 for 30% OFF recurring for Storage KVM VPS in Osaka, JP with at least annual payments.

2. Enter this code: Z3E6T7KAYY for 40% OFF recurring for SSD KVM VPS & NVMe KVM VPS in Osaka, JP with at least annual payments.

Note: Codes EXPIRING on June 11th 2020, so use them NOW!


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