10 tips to Secure your Windows VPS

Securing Windows VPS is vital. It is equal to keeping your VPS live on the public network. Most website owners do overlook this simple step. After buying your Windows VPS hosting and receiving your VPS login details, security is the next smart move. Today, we sup on a few tips on securing Windows VPS.

Use Unknown Ports For Different Services

When connecting to a Windows virtual server, most users use the default port, which makes it easier for hackers or brute-force attacks to access server resources because they are known ports. Most people are familiar with these ports; For example, the RDP port is known. Of course, by changing the default ports to unknown ports, you can significantly prevent these attacks.

Disable Default Administrator Account to secure Windows VPS

Your Windows VPS hosting provider installs the OS and creates a default administrator account. This is quite usual and typical. The drawback is that your account can easily be attacked. The attack is usually done by bots trying to log in with brute force. Well, this is easy and simple to prevent: you just have to disable the default administrator account and then, create a new user with full administrative privileges. You should choose complex usernames to secure Windows VPS. Hence, you should create a new administrator account with random letters.

secure windows vps

Set up a Strong Password for Your Administrator Account

The need for a strong password is (almost) always overlooked. But when securing Windows VPS, it is primary. You should generate a strong password after securely changing the administrator username as advised before. Here is a guide for generating a strong password:

  • Password must be at least 10 characters long.
  • It must combine capital-small letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Avoid using the same password twice.
  • Avoid using variations of the same password.

The above guide helps create a random password. Following it, it favors a random combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Meanwhile, you can also convert some easily memorable words into a strong password. This trend is two-fold: your password is secure and easy to remember.

For example: “Th31ncredIble$PiderM@n” is as secure as “HO9B(SD&&AVB^ag3” – but more memorable.

However, some of us are bad at remembering complex passwords. Please do not note them down on your monitor’s sticky note.

Activate The Firewall In Windows Server

Activating the firewall in Windows VPS Server is another essential factor in increasing the security of the Windows VPS, which allows you to block or unblock a specific IP.

You can freely filter the settings related to the Internet, incoming and outgoing traffic to Controls your network; The firewall also blocks traffic with suspicious addresses to prevent potential dangers, So be sure to use Windows Firewall.

Update Windows regularly to secure Windows VPS

Every code is considered to be PERFECT until its loopholes and back doors are unidentified. On this note; when you receive your new Windows VPS, it is recommended that you run Windows updates as soon as possible.

To install important updates automatically, you should turn on automatic updating. Important updates provide benefits such as improved security, vulnerability patches, and bug fixes. Recommended updates are meant to address non-critical problems and enhance the computing experience. Recommended updates can also be downloaded and installed automatically. Optional updates are downloaded and installed at your choice, as you cannot set them to automatic. When you do not turn on automatic updating, make sure that you check for updates regularly.

secure windows vps

Only Install The Required Operating System Packages

When installing Windows Server, pay attention to installing the software as custom; Doing so will reduce the number of attacks and updates.

As the number of software installed on your virtual server increases, so do the security risks.

Set up Multiple Accounts to secure Windows VPS

Set the following required permissions when multiple users have access to the server:

  • Enable two-step authentication
  • Do not use a blank password
  • Do not use Chrome Password Manager to store your passwords
  • Avoid setting up unnecessary access to user accounts

Use Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption secures the operating system booting process and prevents unauthorized data mining. BitLocker Drive Encryption works even when the server is not powered on! It’s a very effective anti-hacking tool against malware hacking.

Install antivirus to secure Windows VPS

The importance of using an antivirus to secure your server is clear. You can start with the Essentials, a free and robust option by Microsoft. It auto-updates itself with the latest definition. It also offers real-time protection to your server. Antivirus protects you from almost all online security threats that firewall lets through, however combining both is best in securing Windows servers.

secure windows vps

Original And Legal Windows Private Server

Note that using cracked and illegal Windows servers significantly reduces your server security.

Some users install Windows Server at a lower price than the original, through sources that provide cracked and illegal files, even in some free! What do you think makes these types of VPS prices lower than the price of the original versions?

Although unknown individuals do the removal of restrictions in the form of cracked files on illegal Windows servers; It is better to keep in mind the serious risk that the same anonymous person can have full access to your Windows server at any time, even by installing an antivirus and running a firewall, you can not prevent that person from infiltrating.

You can also access the following items by buying original and legal Windows servers from most reputable sites:

  • Get the essential software from Microsoft that requires the original and legal VPS.
  • Use Microsoft support
  • More stability compared to the original versions
  • Get real updates

So it is better to use authentic VPS and pay access to Windows Server restrictions by paying a little more than illegal Windows servers and ensuring your Windows server’s security.


Security has always been a significant concern in the Internet world; hackers have always been one of the main threats on the Internet and are always looking for a security vulnerability in your network or server so that they can access your server; Ensuring the security of the virtual server is therefore essential against hackers and serious attacks.


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