6 Reasons Why You Should Use Fast Dedicated Servers

Fast dedicated servers enable a business to set up a workload-optimal IT environment and be in complete control of the hosting setup. These single-tenant servers are an upgrade from shared hosting in every regard, with notable improvements in performance, reliability, scalability, and security.

This article presents 6 reasons why you should use fast dedicated servers and this hosting model is the go-to option for companies with advanced hosting needs. Read on to learn what you can gain from this server type and see how dedicated hosting can take your company to the next level.

1. Fast Dedicated Servers make Better Performance

The enhanced website performance is one of the key benefits of dedicated hosting. A dedicated server offers high reliability and performance. Being a growing online business, you have to make sure that your website has the extra resources to utilize when your website traffic volume increases. And, if your front end comprises image and video display, you should have enough bandwidth to fulfill the need. With dedicated hosting, you can acquire more speed and performance. The fast dedicated servers result in the best online customer experience.

Dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful solutions for websites. you will get high power, bandwidth, and storage for your website hosting.

A dedicated server offers fast web hosting without upfront capital costs. You don’t have to share your hosting space with anyone and you are the only owner of your server. Don’t oversee technical support benefits that allow you to make sure that everything is going well on your website and server.

Despite that caution, sometimes you need help from outside. Many dedicated solutions come with an equally alert technicians’ team. With a fully managed server, there is always someone at the server’s end for troubleshooting 24/7. Selecting a dedicated hosting plan promises maximum uptime for your site. For the business with higher traffic dedicated hosting is the most preferred option out there. If your website gets a lot of traffic, these servers offer more reliability and stability than other kinds of hosting. Dedicated hosting will help you to boost your website performance over typical hosting solutions. With dedicated hosting, you can modify your resources anytime you need and you will never run out of resources when your website needs increase.

fast dedicated servers

2. More Reliable Uptime

If you rely on a shared server when your traffic or usage spike, chances are that the performance will degrade quickly. High bounce rates and loss of revenue are usual consequences in that scenario.

Fast dedicated servers ensure your site or app always runs fast and smoothly, even during peak traffic hours. As long as you configure the device correctly, users will always have a good experience no matter how much traffic or usage the server is processing.

As an extra boost to your availability, data centers hosting dedicated servers also offer top redundancy. You are unlikely to suffer downtime even during local natural disasters, fires, or power outages.

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3. Fast Dedicated Servers heightened Security

The biggest reason many businesses choose to go with dedicated servers is, of course, security. Because you’re not sharing physical space, you have total control over your server, which means stricter cyber security.

In the shared hosting world, you never know who your neighbors are, and, if they’re doing shady stuff or have relaxed security on their own, that can often affect you as their physical space neighbor.

4. Unique IP Address

In dedicated hosting, an IP address is an exclusive internet address allocated solely to a single web hosting account. A dedicated IP address allows you to view your site through its IP address. You can use FTP for accessing your hosting account when your domain name is unreachable, such as during domain name propagation times. In dedicated hosting, all servers have their unique IP address. Unlike shared hosting, where you have to share your IP address and other resources with multiple sites. If one of your neighbors is an adult site or a spam site, this could mean having to rank your sites pushed down.

In the case of dedicated server hosting, you will have meant your unique IP address. This is particularly significant if you are a big company running an e-commerce website that needs SSL for credit card processing. If you want your clients to enter their personal and credit card information, you have to provide them the security of protecting that data with an SSL. You should have a dedicated IP to get an SSL certificate on your site. Specifically buying a dedicated IP only for a high-traffic website is not as essential as safeguarding dedicated hosting for a high-traffic website.

5. Server Customization

Whether you are renting, colocating, or running a dedicated server in-house, you have total control over the hosting environment. You can adjust hardware specifications to your use case, which is not an option when using a shared server. You can also customize the server’s software, which enables you to:

  • Install any OS, tool, and app you require.
  • Configure the server to meet the needs of your use case.
  • Set up and use any resource control system.
  • Deploy ideal security and data backup measures.
  • Control the way users interact with the server.

Besides hardware flexibility and root access to the server, you can also enable a web admin to script in any language they prefer.

The customization does not end at deployment. As your needs evolve, the flexibility of the server enables you to make changes to the hosting setup by adding new components and capabilities. The freedom to adjust the server to your current needs is vital to your company’s ability to adapt to new opportunities or unexpected market changes.

fast dedicated servers

6. More Privacy in Fast Dedicated Servers 

We are all familiar with the pain of shared hosting, where you are always worried about a guy next door opening up security flaws that can have a huge impact on your business. But now with dedicated hosting, you can enjoy your privacy. You have root access on your dedicated server and you can guarantee higher security, user groups, user roles, and file permissions with firewall rules are properly configured, and as severely as required for the specific needs of your businesses.

If you have to manage complex data, then you should have the added security that you cannot only get on shared hosting. Any reliable dedicated server hosting provider will fill their service agreement with guarantees when it comes to privacy. While a lot of service providers are doing an excellent job of keeping your data protected, no software security can compete with physically segregating data. When it comes to security, a dedicated server is the most preferred hosting solution available.

Sometimes a fast dedicated server is a necessity

Every business website (and business) has its own needs, capabilities, and budget to work with. Smaller and less data-sensitive sites might be fine with shared hosting.

However, sites that will be hosting a large amount of traffic, anticipate needing more customization or higher security, or those that can’t risk a sketchy shared IP address will find that a fast dedicated server is the best option.


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