Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mega Discounts

The Most Anticipated Season of the Year!

Our last Black Friday was crazy, and we intend to make this year even crazier. Why? Because the bargains start from only less than ONE DOLLAR per month! So, if you have missed any deals last year that made you regret, we promise to make up to you this time with irresistible offerings during this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021. However, the packages are offered in a limited time frame only, so grab it before it is all gone!

There are two parts of our sales, both very exciting:

  1. Flash Sales Hunt on Black Friday and Cyber Monday


  • These are exclusive deals freshly created to be offered on the main sales day of Black Friday – November 26 and Cyber Monday –  November 29 2021
    0:00 AM to 11.59 PM UTC+0
  • The deals will be available for a limited period of time and limited slots in the following link:

2. Discount Codes Applicable to Non-promotional Plans

    – on all NVMe Windows, Ryzen KVM VPS and NVMe KVM VPS with the annual, biennial and triennial payments
    – Code: BF50
    – on all Windows VPS & KVM VPS with the annual, biennial and triennial payments
    – Code: BF40

Please note that there are no refunds offered for these discounted plans.

Current customers may contact us to have the discount applied to current services if they are extended for the applicable discounted term. These deals could not be combined with any other promotions.

We hope that you will enjoy this Black Friday & Cyber Monday as much as we do!


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