Dropped Domain: Why does it matter?

Have you ever wondered what happens to a website when its domain expires? Dropped domains, as they are called, can be significant online. Understanding their importance can give insights into website ownership. This can help navigate the online world better. Let’s explore why dropped domains matter and how they impact the internet.

What is a Dropped Domain?

A dropped domain is a domain that has expired, been returned to the registry, and then released back to the public for registration. Dropped domains are typically purchased by new owners through the backorder process.

Dropped domain and expired domain are not interchangeable terms, though they are similar. When a domain registration expires, the owner doesn’t lose it right away. “Expired domain” could refer to a domain at any stage in this timeline. “Dropped domain” only refers to a domain at the end of the process.

dropped domain

Why buy a Dropped Domain?

A dropped domain name is a great business and investment opportunity for several reasons.

You can immediately launch a high-authority website

Good domain names get picked up quickly, which sometimes makes it hard to launch a website on a particular topic or in a particular niche. When you buy a dropped domain name that matches your niche, you can quickly launch a high-authority website that already has an established rank. This makes it easier to rank in search engines and get organic traffic right from the start instead of spending years building it up slowly.

Easily redirect to an affiliate site

If you rely on affiliate marketing for your income, you can use dropped domain names to redirect to relevant affiliate websites and boost your earnings.

Sell the dropped domain name for a profit

If you’re not planning on using the dropped domain name for yourself, once you have acquired a dropped domain name, you can sell it for a profit instead.

Pros Of Buying Dropped Domains

When it comes to dropped domains, there are several positive benefits they can provide to prospective website owners:

  • Dropped domains tend to rank faster in search engines as they often already have an existing flow of traffic to the domain and other valuable signals such as backlinks. A new owner can tap into that value.
  • Dropped domains often sell for a lower price than popular registered domains, as they aren’t being sold by existing owners to make a profit.

Cons Of Buying Dropped Domains

While there are several benefits of buying dropped domains, they also present potential challenges. Below are some of the drawbacks of buying dropped domains:

  • Sometimes domain owners can artificially inflate domain traffic statistics to encourage people to buy their domain. This is also the case with some dropped domains, and unfortunately, this means some dropped domains will be deceptively expensive.
  • Sometimes dropped domains have poorly-optimized names, which are hard to remember or contain unusual characters. While some of these domains are diamonds in the rough, it is important to assess them by strict criteria to properly identify whether these domains are worth purchasing or not.

dropped domain

How to check the quality of a Dropped Domain

When you’re looking for dropped domains to buy, it’s essential to consider the quality of the domain. Here are a few factors to look for:

  • Domain Authority: Domain Authority (DA) is a metric used to determine the strength of a website’s backlink profile. The higher the DA, the better.
  • PageRank: PageRank is another metric used to determine the strength of a website’s backlink profile. However, it’s no longer updated by Google and isn’t as accurate as DA.
  • Number of Backlinks: The number of backlinks is also a good quality indicator. Generally speaking, the more backlinks a site has, the better. Also, it’s essential to check the quality of backlinks; there can be a vast number of spammy links.
  • The Number of Referring Domains: The number of referring domains is also a good quality indicator. This metric shows many unique websites are linked to the environment. Generally speaking, the more quality referring domains, the better.
  • Spam Score: The spam score is a metric that shows how likely a domain will be penalized by Google for spammy links.


Remember, when buying dropped domains, be sure to check the spam score, backlinks, domain authority, and Google penalty status. These factors will help you determine the quality of the domain name. By following these tips, you’ll be able to find high-quality dropped domain names that can help improve your SEO efforts.


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