What is cPanel? Why do you need it for your business?

Whenever we talk about web hosting and control panels, you’ll almost always hear the term ‘cPanel’. It’s one of the most popular control panels in web hosting and is known for its user-friendly interface, wide range of features, and reliability. Today, we’ll break down what it is and which web hosts make use of it.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that lets users manage all types of website and server tasks from their hosting accounts. These include checking their web server resources (like bandwidth), managing domain names, organizing website files, creating email accounts, and so on.

It is widely used among many hosting providers. It allows the average user to manage their hosting without any command-line or technical knowledge. Instead, you can simply use a Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) in your web browser.

Why do you need a cPanel?

cPanel offers a simple dashboard and buttons, links, navigation, and graphics to make file management understandable and accessible. The main areas where cPanel comes in handy are:

  • Organizing website files
  • Installing WordPress and other software
  • Creating, setting up, and managing emails for your website
  • Creating, connecting, and managing domain and subdomain
  • Creating, searching, and managing databases.
  • Backing up your website
  • Uploading files to the serve
  • Checking the usage stats, including the bandwidth
  • Installing addons on the server
  • Changing various security settings
  • Setting up optimizations
  • Password and security management

Without cPanel, only users with advanced technical knowledge would be able to do these tasks. Thus, the cPanel is the user-friendly go-to control center for most of the shared hosting services.

Overall, the cPanel seals the gap between complex and user-friendly management techniques. However, it still might be intimidating for many users who have just created a website.

How does it work?

Because it’s so easy to use, many hosting companies offer cPanel as a core part of their hosting packages. This means it is the industry standard – although your control panel design will differ slightly from one host to another, you’ll have no trouble adjusting to a new host as long as it also uses cPanel.

cPanel is feature-rich, easy to use, and well-tested. It’s also convenient because it lets you manage all your web hosting in one place.

When you log into your cPanel control panel, you can view metrics such as storage space usage, and access different sections such as file modules, domains, security, and more. In short, it gives you easy control over all aspects of your site.

Features of cPanel

Some of the great features that cPanel includes are:

  • Email: Within cPanel you can create new email accounts, view/modify your existing accounts, modify your MX records, change email passwords, set up mailbox quotas, and much more.
  • Domains: Under the domains section of cPanel, you can configure new domains to your account, set up parked domains, create subdomains, set up redirects, and much more.
  • File Management: In the files section of cPanel, you can backup your cPanel account, access/modify files stored in your account, review your disk usage, and create/manage FTP accounts.
  • Databases: Here you can create new databases, set up remote access to MySQL, access the databases using phpMyAdmin, and much more.

It is very user-friendly and quite robust. There are numerous tools within cPanel to handle a wide variety of tasks. It contains a full help menu that is easy to use.

Is cPanel the right one for you?

One thing that has always been true is that when it comes to web hosting and control panels – there are a lot of options! With so many different control panels on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

We can’t deny that cPanel is a control panel that offers a huge array of features and functionality allowing their users to manage their web hosting with ease.

If you’re looking for a way to manage your hosting needs, keeping an eye out for a control panel that’s intuitive and easy – like cPanel – is definitely important.


If there is one thought for you to take away from this article, it’s that cPanel makes running a website simple. It gives you a visually appealing interface that is well organized, so you can find all of the tools you need easily.

Not only does cPanel provide you with an abundance of tools, but it also takes care of a lot of the maintenance for you, so you don’t need an entire IT team to work on it. With cPanel, you can easily create a website, keep it safe, keep it running, and make changes, all with a few clicks.


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