What is the Managed VPS Hosting? and Its advantages

Most businesses that have an official website work with third-party services for their web hosting needs. Since it would be impractical (and often unnecessary) to assign a specific server to each website, it’s common practice for website owners to use shared hosting spaces where different businesses share resources with one another. When your business grows to a certain size, however, having your own server might be necessary. But what can you do if you cannot afford to have a physical server of your own? Consider opting for managed VPS hosting, instead!

What is the Managed VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a hot commodity these days — you can often find telecoms, healthcare organizations, and retail businesses taking advantage of different VPS solutions. The standard VPS plan offers much better performance and security than shared hosting while keeping prices significantly lower than dedicated servers. When you add the enhanced scalability and advanced customizations in the mix, you already have a solution powerful enough to handle pretty much anything. Not everyone can be a techie or afford to hire a dedicated admin to manage things. The average business owner naturally prefers to concentrate on growth and development while leaving the technicalities to the professionals.

This is where managed services come into play.

managed VPS Hosting

As the name suggests, Managed VPS Hosting is a managed service where you need not worry about anything related to server management. In Managed VPS Hosting, your service provider takes care of server maintenance like updating the core, software installation, backup, security, and more. Thus, as a business owner, you need not worry about server management and can invest your time and concentration on growing your business further. Any business owner often chooses managed VPS hosting, irrespective of you have any technical experience or not, as it eases your work.

Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting

Full root access

VPS Hosting is a combination of Shared and Dedicated Server Hosting, thus, providing the ease and advantage of both. Since your managed server isolates from other servers you can modify it based on your needs and have full root access allows you to do so.

Ease of management

Your web hosting provider takes care of your server management and maintenance. So you can now easily concentrate on building your business and managing the brand side of it. Whereas, the web host takes care of the technical aspect.

managed VPS Hosting

Instant resource provisioning

Server resources like OS, RAM, and CPU are instantly allocated as soon as your server is set up. Moreover, as your traffic grows you can easily scale these resources depending on your needs.

Optimized performance

With Managed VPS plan, the hosting provider makes sure that your server is in optimum condition. As you get dedicated resources for your website, the performance of the server is not hampered. Eventually, it helps to improve the page loading time. The importance of site speed cannot be understated.

Better security

Security remains a major concern for website owners, as the number of cybersecurity threats increases day by day. One issue with shared hosting is that all the websites on the same server share a single IP address. Whenever there is a security compromise of a single website, the threat of all websites getting affected looms large. On the other hand, every single virtual environment of the VPS plan has a unique IP address. And the security of other websites does not affect your website. A Managed VPS Hosting provider makes sure to install and update security patches from time to time to maintain an iron-clad against cybersecurity threats.

Managed VPS hosting help save costs

Your web hosting provider takes care of the maintenance of your website’s backend. So you don’t need to hire an additional technical administrator to manage your website. Even though Managed VPS Hosting may seem costly to you at the start. However, when you compare it with paying a dedicated resource. It is economical and cost-saving to invest in a managed virtual server.


By opting for a managed VPS hosting service, you let your website do its thing while under the care of professionals. This leaves you plenty of room to plan for more growth. At the end of the day, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your website can handle the surge of customers. Because the entire server is virtually yours to use!


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