GreenCloudVPS has been offering 29 locations worldwide for the Windows and KVM VPS product range, but for this 30th location, we would like to have you to be part of it! We are considering growing our network with another location and we need to decide which one would serve you best. Help us out to get the chance to win a free VPS for the whole year!

Which location would be your another favorite location?

We need to select wisely one of of these three:

  1. Milan, Italy
  2. Sydney, Australia
  3. Madrid, Spain

Please give us a few minutes of your precious time to fill out this super short survey to let us know your preference:

We do appreciate your help, so to pay this back, everyone who has carried out our mini survey has the chance to win a VPS at the location with highest votes at the time of location launch. We will select randomly 05 lucky clients to get a free VPS Plan NVMEPromo-1 for a year! Please stay tuned!

Thank you for your time and the feedback, we highly appreciate that.

Your GreenCloudVPS team.


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