Windows Dedicated Server Hosting: 5 Reasons Why You Must Choose

Windows dedicated servers promise outstanding performance and superior quality which makes them the best server hosting solution for your business. You will have no problems in managing and organizing your Windows servers as the technologies involved are user-friendly and rarely require the intervention of an IT expert.

High-performance server:

Dedicated servers are generally considered to be the ideal option when you want to have complete resources, privacy, and superior quality security. It works perfectly for high-traffic websites. The price was high at one time and didn’t suit the growing businesses. The difference in cost is mainly because the other servers are shared and the expenses are split across them while here there is only one entity bearing the entire burden.

Viable for SMBs:

However, with technological development and rising competition amongst the service providers, the machine has become affordable. There are several hosting companies offering cheap dedicated server plans that fit into the budget of the small businesses that look for more flexibility than what shared hosting offers.

windows dedicated server

Windows is compatible with all

One specific advantage of Windows technology is its compatibility with all the operating systems and languages. If your site is built on PHP and MySQL, you can still buy the Windows dedicated server hosting plans. The Windows technologies are not supported by Linux and can cause interruptions in service and performance.

Windows dedicated server hosting help access top-notch technologies

Windows users can get access and be able to use high-end technologies like Visual Interdev, Windows Streaming Media, Microsoft SharePoint, etc. Some hosting providers also offer the Smart Bundle Pro that comes with numerous tools for better email communication.

However, you must pay a higher price for your Windows dedicated server hosting. Windows is a Microsoft-owned commercially sold product and customers must purchase a license to use it. The web hosting companies add the fee to the plan cost which is one reason for the price difference in the two operating systems.

Features you get with Windows dedicated server hosting

You have administrative control: Dedicated servers give s you root access to the server. While the Linux users can approach their server via the SSH, the Windows dedicated server clients can get access vis the Remote Desktop. Configure the server to suit your needs. You may install any software that you find necessary for your business. There is practically no restriction on what you can do with the server.

Complete seclusion and privacy: The Windows servers are robustly built and housed in highly secure and totally redundant data centers. With firewalls, anti-malware solutions, and anti-virus scans at constant intervals, your server is well protected. There is no way anybody can gain access to your data without your prior permission. Physical security at the data center assures that there is no possibility of infrastructure theft.

Reliability: Your website has complete resources so the fear of other websites pulling up more resources and slowing down your site in the process is not seen. You are provided with a dedicated IP and a Plesk control panel to manage your account. The host is responsible to ensure network uptime of at least 99.95%,

windows dedicated server

Choose a Windows dedicated server hosting service that offers around-the-clock support. This is a must since you never can take a chance with the server. In case some issue crops up or you need to make some changes, there must be someone responsible to whom you can talk. Or there will be performance issues that could hit your business and result in losing out to the competition.


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