Dedicated Server vs VPS: Key Differences You Should Know

If you’re trying to work out the best type of hosting service for your company, you may have seen a number of different choices and not been absolutely certain about what the differences are between a VPS and a dedicated server? In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Dedicated Server vs VPS; and help you find out what is the best type of hosting service for your website and your business.

Resource Allocation

The availability of resources (such as CPU cores, bandwidth, RAM, etc.) is among the most important factor when choosing a hosting server. Lack of any of these resources can result in sluggish websites, which can be disastrous for your online venture.

With a VPS, all the clients are partitioned from each other, with the use of a hypervisor. Each client on the physical server exists in their own virtual islands, impervious to the other inhabitants on the server. This is advantageous when you need a guarantee on the number of resources available.

Dedicated Servers are usually equipped with vast amounts of RAM, anywhere from 8-64 GB, coupled with SSD storage devices. The Solid State Drives boast of almost 100 times faster data access speeds than regular hard disk drives. Not only that but most dedicated server hosting plans also offer the choice of anywhere from 4-12 CPU cores, with the possibility of opting for more, if needed. All these resources are made available to a single-tenant when you opt for a dedicated hosting plan.

dedicated server vs vps

Dedicated Server vs VPS: Performance

In the world of web hosting, good performance is all about how quickly your website both loads and runs for users, and how well.

In the context of travel, performance is like a bus route. If only a few people get on the bus, the driver only needs to stop occasionally, meaning you’ll arrive much quicker (faster loading speeds). If lots of people get on (visit your site) the driver must stop at every destination, which inevitably slows down your journey (website).

VPS gives you your own bus. And, if your bus becomes full, there’s a chance you can get a second bus (bandwidth from another site) in service too. Meanwhile, a dedicated server gives you a turbo-charged, double-decker bus, capable of delivering tons of visitors to your site at breakneck speed.

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Configuration and Customization

Both VPS and dedicated servers offer managed and unmanaged plans. These can be thought of as putting together furniture. With unmanaged plans, you’re given the tools, but must build them yourself; managed plans, on the other hand, will be built and maintained for you.

It’s no surprise, then, that most people opt for managed plans (even though they are a tad more expensive). In terms of customization, both VPS and dedicated servers let you adapt your resource limits month-on-month, so there’s not much between the two.

Dedicated Server vs VPS: Security

Each client exists in separate, independent silos on a VPS, the isolation from other inhabitants on the server ensures security, and each client is assigned their own unique IP address. Most VPS hosting plans provide you with root access, with the liberty to install any software you like to ensure the safety and security of your data. However, there is a possibility of an attack permeating through the hypervisor layer, and wreaking havoc on your server.

If you want absolute peace of mind, your only recourse is to opt for the dedicated server. The single-tenant operation ensures security as well as privacy.

dedicated server vs vps


Scalability is the extent to which your hosting plan can grow with your website. This can be thought of like the growth of a tree.

VPS hosting is a bit like a budding olive tree – there’s space to grow, but you’ll never hit the same heights as a great oak. A dedicated server, on the other hand, is just that – a great oak. You have all the resources, security, and performance you could ask for, so there’s not really any room to scale. You can adjust your limits month-to-month, but you’ve effectively hit a glass ceiling.

Dedicated Server vs VPS: Pricing

Surely, Dedicated Servers are expensive among all types of hosting. It is fair, as you are getting a dedicated server that is not shared with anyone else, focus on one site. It is the best form of hosting, so it is the most expensive.

VPS hosting has a range of prices that goes from low as $50 to as high as $200 per month. It is affordable and works amazingly for medium bloggers or businesses. A Dedicated Server is an optimum solution for organizational sites that need high-class security and consistent performance.

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Hopefully, this article has cleared up the difference between VPS and dedicated servers. In short, VPS hosting works on a virtual shared server, where you host your website alongside others; dedicated servers, meanwhile, give you your own server to work off.


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